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Holley EFI

Changing over to a stand alone engine management system can be an intimidating task to say the least, Holley's new EFI systems help make that quite a bit easier. a durable and rugged system that is not short on performance by a long shot. While relatively new to the market place, its from holley so you know its good, they have really taken their time and packed these systems full of features, drive by wire, electronic transmission control, and coolest of all is the self tuning feature.

Tuning a properly installed system from scratch can be a big part of the challenge in an EFI conversion. The easy to use software helps make this a great system to work with, and when you actually see the system start performing its own calibrations it's hard to think of what it would have been like without it. Proudly made in the USA.

Magnuson Superchargers

We Have been doing forced induction work for quite a long time. so we have sold and installed numerous brands of superchargers, and by far magnuson makes some of the best systems out there. Well thought out and engineered, and that's a big statement folks. When you are dropping some big coin on a power adder like a blower you want big power, and blowers deliver, but what most people forget is fit and finish. Magna-Chargers deliver all across the board. You can bet that if they took the time to make all the little parts fit nice, look right, and make the install go smooth. then you know they took the time to make the tune exactly what it needs to be, and optimize the performance in every facet of the system. you get what you pay for, and with a Magnuson you get quality and performance. Proudly made in the USA.

Phenix Industries performance plumbing

Every once in a while a unique product comes along and catches your attention, the speed-lox fittings from Phenix did that for me. I saw these at a trade show and thought hell these look pretty trick, I got one to mess around with and was very impressed with their quality. Shortly there after we were a dealer and their products started going into the projects we build. thousands of fittings later I am still as happy with the products as when I first tried them and I certainly will not say that about other fittings that come from off shore, phenix is good stuff, made by racers for racers check their product line out. Proudly made in the USA.

Electromotive Engine management systems

Our relationship with electromotive has been a long and good one. From the very first ECU of their's that we installed it was clear that these units were well made and quite a serious piece of technology. As they have continued to update their product line and software it has become obvious that their commitment is to build top quality engine control systems with innovative features such as their auto V/E tables and easy to set up engine configurations, is something they take very seriously. Their tech support is top flight and they really try hard to make sure that your experience with their product is a good one. serious performance for serious power is available with all of their product line. Proudly made in the USA.

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